communion with the maker


In the beginning...

In 2013, God brought Anthem, an ambitious group of young people, together with a common love for Jesus Christ and His church. God was burdening their hearts with a special desire to gather believers in the community and worship together. Out of this heart, Anthem Worship Nights were born.

Anthem Worship Nights

These nights have been a setting for believers in the community to gather and actively thank God for the amazing miracles He has done.

They have been times of healing and refreshment in the presence of God, as people can be real with God about life and their struggles. 

Many times, believers can become so focused on things they are asking God for, that they lose sight of Him and all of His glory. That's why in Anthem Worship Nights, the focus has been centered around coming back to God to simply thank Him for who He is.

More than music

People often look at Anthem simply as a music ministry, but there is so much more to what Anthem is. Just as worship is not merely a song of praise, but an actual lifestyle of praise to God, Anthem is made up of multiple teams dedicated to serving Christ and our community.