all about nick

prayer team

My name is Nick Holt and I was born on January 26, 1994 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Mark and Deanne Holt. I was born again in May 2017. Some things I like to do include: jamming out in my car to worship music and electronic music, going to the crosses with Hannah Hope, reading the Bible, evangelizing, traveling, working out, and learning new things. I love to cook and learn new recipes. One of my favorite chef’s is Gordon Ramsey. It is on my bucket list to eat at one of his restaurants. I like to go skydiving. It is the adrenaline rush of a life time. I love to dance with Hannah. Any type of dance, from the Waltz to Hip-Hop to the Tango is fine with me. I like to watch the TV show Designated Survivor because the President’s character is strong, ambitious, honest, resilient; but, he is also humble and compassionate when he needs to be and can separate work and family life. Also, Hannah Hope likes the show too, so it makes it ten times better. I like to go to the beach and try new water from Whole Foods on Sunday’s with Hannah Hope. Basically, I love God and Hannah Hope. I love to minister the Word of God and bring joy to people’s lives. I love to be loud and outgoing. To be the life of the party and to tell jokes. One day, I would love to own my own investment firm and to live in a foreign country for a little while. I pray to accomplish God’s will for my life here on earth before He comes back to get us and make an impact on people’s lives for His kingdom.