Washing Feet


Love. I confess I do not know the meaning of love but I want to. Show me to love like you do.

So bring me the bruised and the broken, the depressed and the weary. Bring me the ones whom the world does not count worthy. Bring me those who are angry and have suffered so greatly. For I want to wash their feet.

But not that only. Give me a love so intense and on fire that becoming a servant to them is all that i desire. Let it be an honor to prefer any other. For love compels me. To love like You is what I pursue.

Whether to the lost or to the saved

Whether to the bound or to the free

In your love lead me.

For what the world needs today

Agape love is the only way

When I look at the brethren, what do I choose to see?

Do I see imperfections?

Or do I see the blood that frees?

Do I see the power of God at work?

Or do I see only man's qualities?

Do I crucify my offender?

Or do I choose to be their defender?

Do I do my best to spread peace and keep the unity?

Or do I sow discord and divide with my fleshly ability?

Have I chosen to hold grudges or do I choose to extend grace?

May I always lay down my life

In order to help the brethren run this race.

So who do I invite to the water basin in my life? Just those who have shown me love, or those that have caused me strife?

When my offenders come forth in repentance and brokenness, do i turn them away? Or do I embrace them and say "stay"?

Does my life reflect the father of the prodigal who loved despite the circumstances? Or does my life reflect the brother full of wrath and judgmental glances?

Do I have the "kill the fatted calf for my son has returned" mentality? Or can I not see the reason to celebrate and join the party?

Am I so much better than those who sit next to me? Am i really holier? Do I have that mentality? Is it not the blood of Jesus that has set us all free? How then could I not view us all equally?

So give me your hands that embraces those whom the world would push away.

Give me your feet that willingly reaches those in the highways and byways.

Give me your mouth that speaks with such wisdom and authority.

Give me your ears to hear the desperate cries within the people around me.

Teach me to be sensitive to the needs around me, and by your Grace oh precious Spirit, teach me to be holy.

Oh to live this life of agape love is impossible on my own. But I know with You living within me, this life of love can be shown.

So fill me with your love Lord that only comes from you. And teach me how to pour it out for I know it's what I must do.

So I have reached my conclusion and my ultimate pursuit. I long to love like you do Lord in all that I do.

Thank you for your patience with such a person as I. And thank you for showing me more of your heart as the days pass by.

So in all that I am and in all that I do, I surrender my life to the only one that can cause me to love like You do.

Rachel SmithComment