Salvation + Faith

It can be incredibly easy for us to run from one false doctrine into the arms of another. In an attempt to run out of the grasp of “salvation through works”, we can very easily find ourselves running into a life without works. Both of these extremes are contrary to the truth found in Scripture. The former, because it places our salvation in something other than Jesus Christ. The latter, because it removes our need for obedience to God. When we understand what salvation is, the truths of Scripture will be made all the more clear to us.

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God speaking is God acting

Such a simple phrase but so true and powerful. When God speaks, he  never wastes words or proclaims empty, vain babblings. He always speaks with purpose. God’s words are powerful, effective, and active. When you think about the Bible and the countless times when God spoke in (both the Old and New Testament) He was (and is) always faithful to His word. God doesn’t say one thing and then do another. God doesn’t make a promise and then break it minutes later. He speaks and performs what He speaks. The Bible is filled with examples of God speaking and fulfilling His word. The following passages are just brief evidences of how God acts when He speaks.

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Motivated by Love

Think just for a moment how we, as humans, naturally always defend ourselves. This scripture even says “Pilate was amazed.” What was Pilate amazed at? If you could think for a moment this wasn’t the first time Pilate had men brought to him to be declared guilty yet none had ever acted as Jesus did. I am sure the previous men Pilate had to judge pleaded, begged, cried, wailed, and fought for their own life and innocence but not Jesus. Jesus’ response was so different that Pilate was amazed!

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Washing Feet

Love. I confess I do not know the meaning of love but I want to. Show me to love like you do.

So bring me the bruised and the broken, the depressed and the weary. Bring me the ones whom the world does not count worthy. Bring me those who are angry and have suffered so greatly. For I want to wash their feet.

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Rachel SmithComment
Jesus heals a Leper

Jesus! Goodness the beauty of Jesus! How this short story tells us so much about our precious Savior and how wonderful He is! Think for just a moment about this leper.
One commentary put it this way “Back then, they thought two things about a leper: you are the walking dead and you deserve this because this is the punishment of God against you. Jewish custom said that you should not even greet a leper.

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Felix Burch